Joining up support for vulnerable groups

Image shows a member of staff talking with a service user in his home.
Joining up support for vulnerable groups

There are individuals who are particularly vulnerable who need mental health support but do not access it, for various reasons. There are currently three teams working with vulnerable groups, including homeless people and individuals that present in the criminal justice system. 

The teams are:

  • The Homeless Service – working in Leicester City
  • Proactive Vulnerability Engagement Team – working with the police to support people who frequently present to the service
  • Liaison and Diversion Service – working with the Criminal Justice System

We propose to bring these teams together into one dedicated service to help more vulnerable people access the care they need.

Service users would benefit as care would be delivered more efficiently and effectively. They would not have to repeat their story as much, and the service could see more people. 

Case study: Sandra 

Sandra is a 32-year-old woman living in Leicester. She has had multiple referrals to different mental health teams and presents frequently in distress to the emergency department, mental health hub, crisis resolution team and community mental health team.