Improving the experience of individuals with potential psychosis

Service user sitting in reception
We want to streamline the experience for service users

PIER (Psychosis Intervention and Early Recovery) is an existing service that assesses and supports individuals from 14 to 64 years of age who have potentially experienced the first symptoms of psychosis. 

PIER is made up of professionals (including nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, support workers and social workers) with lots of experience in working with people with psychosis. At the moment, it works separately from other services. This has led to a lot of individuals being sent to other teams for duplicate assessments. 

We propose that PIER would work closely with the new Community and Treatment Recovery Teams. We expect that this would allow individuals’ needs to be assessed once only and for people to be offered the right support for their needs first time. The delivery of ongoing care would be seamless.

Case study: Arran

Arran is 19 and lives with his family in Loughborough. Arran is struggling with the change from the routine of school into the varied demands of an apprenticeship.