Improving waits for the Personality Disorder Service

A member of staff talks with a service user
A member of staff talks with a service user

Individuals with personality disorder have had particularly long waits for treatment and support, with only a small number of people each year receiving targeted therapy.

We would invest in more than ten additional staff to create a greater range of treatments to support the different needs of individuals with personality disorders. Most people would be supported by the new Community Treatment and Recovery Teams. Additional therapy would be offered to individuals who are the most unwell. 

We believe that aligning the service with other mental health services will reduce waiting times and stop people ‘bouncing’ around the system and between services. We expect people to be able to access support more quickly and easily, resulting in better outcomes from their care and an improved experience.

Services are currently provided at Francis Dixon Lodge, on the site of Leicester General Hospital. There are more than 1,000 people on the waiting list in the community and in outpatients. The service can only manage around 200 people at any one time due to the intensity of the care provided, which can take two to three years.

The Therapy Services for People with Personality Disorder Team has 17 staff. We propose that they would clinically align with the Community Treatment and Recovery Teams, and work in partnership. 

We would recruit 14 more staff to help us to implement Structured Clinical Management – a specific approach to care for people who have a personality disorder. 

Case study: Sunita

Sunita is 36 years old and lives on her own in Leicester.  She has a partner, but they don’t live together and she finds it difficult to maintain a relationship with family and friends.