Reducing the wait for a diagnosis of dementia

We have a Memory Service that supports the diagnosis of dementia. During the Covid-19 pandemic it was essential to introduce a temporary new way of providing the service online to keep people safe and physically well. The service also provided additional advice and guidance to GPs to make it easier for them to support their patients. 

This speeded up assessments and diagnoses for service users, and treatment for people with dementia in a clinic, a care home or their own home.

We believe these changes have helped support people who do not need or want to be seen face-to-face. 

We want to understand the impact of these changes and of providing online contact through our wider services permanently. Please let us know your thoughts.

Case study: Fariha 

Fariha is an 80-year-old woman living with her husband in Leicester. Over the past six to 12 months, her husband has noticed Fariha becoming a little forgetful, including forgetting their children's birthdays.