Improving services for people of work age and older people

We want the experience and health outcomes for people needing routine mental health treatment and support to improve. We want the right expertise provided to people at the right time, in their local area, and focused on their needs. 

We propose to bring together different teams that have not always worked well together and to provide additional investment to create eight Community Treatment and Recovery Teams to focus specifically on older people across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

We would ensure that older adults have their needs met by staff with the right expertise. We would move from six older people-focused community mental health teams to eight focused Community Treatment and Recovery Teams. These teams would work locally in partnership with the wider Community Treatment Recovery Teams.

Support will be offered by the local teams and can be ‘stepped up’ for people whose needs are escalating, maintaining continuity for service users. This will be offered over extended hours, seven days a week. 

Please tell us your preferences on the operating hours of services and your needs when accessing them.

Case study: Alan

Alan is 70 and living alone. His husband died several years ago, and since then he has been struggling with loneliness and isolation.  The current pandemic is taking its toll on Alan.