Expanding the Perinatal Service

Mum and child play in the park
We want to extend the perinatal support offered to two years - double the current 12 months.

In line with health systems across England, we would invest in our Perinatal Service (before and after birth) over the next two years. 

This would help women with moderate to severe perinatal mental health difficulties to access specialist psychological therapies in the community. This would be available from pre-conception to 24 months after birth – an increase on the current 12 months’ care. 

This investment would allow us to double the size of the Perinatal Team, which would mean the service could support more women – particularly those from the BAME community. 

Women would also be supported (if appropriate) by Peer Support Workers – people who have lived experience and are working within the service.

Fathers would also be assessed and signposted to appropriate services. They would have access to online tools to help them to support themselves, their partner and the wider family. 

Through this consultation we want to understand how the proposed extended service would meet the needs of the community. We also want to understand why women from BAME communities are less likely to seek treatment so we can try to make sure those women get the care and support they need.

Case study: Agata

Agata is a 26-year-old Slovakian woman who moved to Leicester six months after the birth of her first child. She saw her GP when her child was 13 months old as her husband had concerns about her “odd behaviour”.