Developing new Community Treatment and Recovery Teams

Staff knocking on the door of a house
The service can arrange home visits if necessary.

We have a number of teams working separately, with work being duplicated or triplicated, and long waits as people are passed between different teams. 

We want to bring these teams together into a Community Treatment and Recovery Team, working in eight areas. These communities will be based broadly on district council boundaries in Leicestershire, the City Council and Rutland County Council boundary. Referrals would be via the Central Access Point.

Professionals with different expertise would come together to provide care and treatment focused on individuals’ needs. This would mean better care plans and more choice around interventions. 

Alongside these eight Community Treatment and Recovery Teams would be eight teams targeting the specific needs of older people. Each Community Treatment and Recovery Team would be available seven days a week, within working hours. A flexible approach would be taken to weekend cover, after the need is assessed. 

These teams are the Assertive Outreach Support Service, Community Mental Health Teams/Outpatients, and a Psychological Therapy Team including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Service and Therapy Services for People with Personality Disorder. There is also Clinical Psychology, Employment Support Service, the Psychosis Intervention and Early Recovery Team, Dynamic psychotherapy, Perinatal Support and Community Rehabilitation.

We would recruit Recovery Workers (also known as Community Connectors), who would be largely provided by voluntary sector or community providers and would work with mental health service teams.

An extra 75 Peer Support Workers, who have lived experiences of mental health conditions and services, would be employed and trained to support people.