Developing a new maternal outreach service

We would develop a new service to support women who have, or are, experiencing trauma and loss in relation to their maternity experience. 

At the moment, women have limited access to specialist care if they are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder relating to a traumatic birth or previous experience of childbirth that has been triggered by a current pregnancy. In addition, they may be having difficulties following childbirth, or have suffered bereavement, such as neonatal loss, miscarriage termination or stillbirth. 

They may be transgender and experiencing difficulties relating to pregnancy. Pre-conception care may be required, they may have a fear of childbirth or medical procedures involving needles, or have suffered female genital mutilation.

Women would be able to access the service at any point of their midwifery/obstetric care, when considering a pregnancy or up to two years post-natal. The service would be provided by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, working closely with Leicester Hospitals’ midwifery team, and would be delivered in clinics and in the community. 

The locations have not been decided – we want to hear your thoughts through this consultation.

Case study: Natalie

Natalie’s is 30 and her first pregnancy was traumatic. Both Natalie and her husband want a second child, but Natalie is anxious about giving birth again.  She doesn’t want to tell her husband and avoids intimate contact with him. It is affecting her relationship with her husband.