Improving the Crisis Service

Image shows a service user chatting to two members of staff at home.
The Crisis Service could offer up to three home visits if necessary

When individuals are in a mental health crisis and need help in their homes, our around-the-clock Crisis Service provides help. Earlier on in the Covid-19 pandemic, improvements were made to the Crisis Service, enabling people to seek help directly through the Central Access Point without having to contact their GP. This gave them easier access to a specialist, if needed. 

The most urgent assessments would be completed in four hours. Those with less urgent needs would be assessed within 24 hours by the Community Mental Health Team or the Crisis and Home Treatment Team.

If a service user needed it, a home visit would be offered. The improved service would have the capacity to provide up to three visits a day, offering the least intrusive care. 

The Crisis Service would help more people to be discharged from an inpatient bed by increasing the range of services  provided in the community and at home.

It is proposed that the existing unscheduled care team and in-reach team for older people come together as part of the adult and older people crisis service to provide targeted support for older people in care homes and the community, including for people with dementia.  They would provide coping strategies, rapid support and guidance, helping people to carry on living where they are.

Case study: Ebrahim 

Ebrahim is a 46-year-old man living in Highfields, Leicester. Ebrahim has been struggling with his mental health due to social isolation related to Covid-19.