Expanding the Triage Car service

Image shows Triage Car crew helping someone
The Triage Car can offer on-the-spot support at police incidents.

The police may need to help individuals whose mental health is contributing to their behaviour. Mental health expertise can sometimes help people through such incidents.

A Triage Car – with a crew of police and mental health practitioners working together – has been in place for some time. It takes calls from police incidents and advises on how to manage the situation. Triage Car staff also go out to incidents to support people when there is an immediate mental health crisis. 

The car is based at Keyham Lane Police Station in Leicester and used to operate from 10pm to 2am. In March 2020, we extended the service to run from 8am to 2am. 

We propose to make these hours of service permanent and to add a second Triage Car. Let us know your thoughts.

The second Triage Car would be out and about in the community, improving response times. It would support ambulance crews as well as the police. 

Calls would be managed by the Central Access Point, so the Triage Car crews could spend more time supporting individuals. 

Case study: Steve 

Steve is a 52-year-old Armed Forces veteran previously based in Rutland. Since leaving the Forces, he has suffered from bouts of depression, and has been in contact with mental health services on a number of occasions.