Building self-help guidance and support

Man sits looking at information on a computer
We want to create a one-stop hub for information and guidance for self-help.

Advice and guidance are key to mental health support. There is a lot of information out there - but there isn't a standard set of guidance for service users and no single place to find it. 

We want to create an online one-stop self-help support and guidance hub on the Leicester Partnership Trust website.

The guidance and tools would be easy to find and simple to navigate. We would also include links to information on other websites, for example, First Contact Plus. 

We propose various ways to access information, depending on a service user’s preference. This could include:

  • calling the Central Access Point
  • call-back service through the Central Access Point – a service user could talk to a recovery worker first, and be transferred to an appropriate person or team for clinical support. If this is not possible immediately, a call-back would be arranged.
  • online instant messaging with staff, who would direct users to the most appropriate information or solution
  • introduction of Chathealth instant and text messaging, which would be suggested to service users as a way of discussing their mental health concerns
  • accessibility features, such as British Sign Language, as well as language interpretation facilities, which are being incorporated into the planning of these services

Case study: Rose 

Rose is studying at university. Like a lot of students, she’s living away from home, no longer with friends or family. She’s been self-harming, drinking excessively and is on anti-depressants. Her flatmates are really worried: so they ring NHS 111.